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About Us
Company Information
Dhaanya Seeds Limited is a technology driven, hybrid seeds business serving farmers across India with differentiated and value added seeds
in a range of field crops . Cotton, Rice, Maize and Pearl Millet and vegetable crops . Tomato, Okra and Chili. Dhaanya Seeds produces and markets proprietary research hybrids developed by the parent company, Metahelix Life Sciences. read more...

 Field Crops
Hybrid Rice
Hybrid Maize
Hybrid Cotton
Hybrid Pearl Millet & more...
 Vegetable Crops
Tomato (Hybrid/OPV)
Okra (Hybrid/OPV)
Chilli (Hybrid)
Gourds (Hybrid/OPV) & more...
March, 2013 :
Dhaanya new product launches
March, 2013 :
Karnataka Farmer Grew Award Winning Dhaanya Maize Hybrid
January 20, 2012 :
Field days on Vegetable Products
Featured Product
Dhaanya's fast success in the market place and acceptance of its products is a result of the focused approach to develop products.
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